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WiLDiMAGES - Andy Young Photography

I am an evolutionary biologist seeking to capture something of the world.

My research frequently takes me to Africa's wild places, but much of my photography involves hunting for peculiar mammals on other continents. I have a particular interest in camera trapping and noctural photography. My two primary subjects are Humans and The Wild.

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We escaped for a magical four days in Jerusalem’s Old City in the lead up to Christmas. A melting pot of humanity, perfused with faith, friction and warm stone. I hope I’ll be back before long. More shots from the trip can be found here.


Petra by night...

We walked down the candle-lined siq with just a dark sliver of star-spattered sky visible high above. Towards the end of the canyon the sounds of a bedouin flute floated in from the darkness, drawing us into a clearing where hundreds of candles bathed Al Khazneh in a rich warm light. Unforgettable. More from Petra and Jordan can be found here.


Texas longhorn burgers & cherry pie

Hopping over the border from Texas to Oklahoma, we spent a day in Wichita Mountains state park watching buffalo and prairie dogs among the spring flowers. We stopped in at Meers’ famous Longhorn burger joint for a seriously tasty lunch, which culminated in the highlight of the day - an immense cherry pie with ice cream. More shots from the trip can be found here.



Northern Right Whales, Cape Cod

We headed up the coast to Cape cod for some great food and whale-watching from Provincetown. There were good numbers of Northern right whales in the bay - possibly around a quarter of the world’s population. While still a little early for the summer influx of humpbacks, we did cross paths with a few, and a handful of fin whales. Some fine ice cream and taste-bud-meltingly-good clam chowder rounded off a great stay... More here.

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Empire State of Mind, New York City

Spent a wonderful few days in New York, soaking up the richness of the streets. The resulting skyscraper and street photography can be found here.

New York City-12.jpg
New York City-15.jpg
New York City-8.jpg
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New York City-30.jpg
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