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I am an evolutionary biologist seeking to capture something of the world.

My research frequently takes me to Africa's wild places, but much of my photography involves hunting for peculiar mammals on other continents. I have a particular interest in camera trapping and noctural photography. My two primary subjects are Humans and The Wild.

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Jackdaws down the chimney

Its weird coming downstairs to find a jackdaw tapping on the window of the wood burner, from the inside. They’re busy nesting again this year and clearly haven’t got used to the footing on the chimney pot yet. Though its great to see them up close, its clearly time to get a chimney cover - come the autumn.

Spring has sprung-1.jpg


Spring has sprung...

A rare clear day in a month of Cornish rain spurred a sluggish emergence of insects. The hive of bees that has mined into a gap under the render of our cottage was showing its first signs of life for a while. Returning loaded with pollen and lethargic in the cool air, the workers provided a nice opportunity for some macro work.

The frogs laid quite a bit of spawn earlier in the year but the weed has taken over and I couldn’t see any sign of it this evening. This little lady was hunkered down in the corner though, so hopefully something is still going on.

Frog (1 of 1).jpg
Loaded bee 1300 (1 of 1).jpg