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WiLDiMAGES - Andy Young Photography

I am an evolutionary biologist seeking to capture something of the world.

My research frequently takes me to Africa's wild places, but much of my photography involves hunting for peculiar mammals on other continents. I have a particular interest in camera trapping and noctural photography. My two primary subjects are Humans and The Wild.

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Hand Luggage TARDIS

Want to fit all of this kit in to your hand luggage and then lug it around the bush in comfort at the other end? Then take a look at the F-Stop Loka. Tagging some photography on to a research trip invariably leaves me squeezing as much gear as possible in to as small a space as possible and a recent trip to the Kalahari was no exception. My experience with a new bag left me sufficiently stunned to put a note on here - this bag is a TARDIS. I managed to fit all of the above, plus a spotlight, in to my hand luggage for international and internal flights, no questions asked. Designed to fit neatly in to an overhead locker while providing the space, padding and environmental protection needed when lugging your kit in the wild, this bag does an exceptional job. It should cope equally well with the lugging of nappies, squeezy-food, soft toys and optics, all in a vomit-proof container - ideal for supporting the free-ranging antics of the grubs in the wild!