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I am an evolutionary biologist seeking to capture something of the world.

My research frequently takes me to Africa's wild places, but much of my photography involves hunting for peculiar mammals on other continents. I have a particular interest in camera trapping and noctural photography. My two primary subjects are Humans and The Wild.

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Andy Young's Research Group

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Welcome! I am an evolutionary biologist based at the
University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology & Conservation in Cornwall.

My research seeks to understand the evolution of cooperation and conflict in animal societies and their impact on life-histories, particularly on ageing.

We use a range of model systems including sparrow-weavers,
Damaraland mole-rats & European badgers 

Browse our questions, study systems & publications above or pick a model system below.


Jenny York’s new paper “Dominant male song performance reflects current immune state in a wild cooperatively breeding songbird” has just been accepted for publication in Ecology & Evolution

Dom Cram’s new paper “The oxidative costs of reproduction are group-size dependent in a wild cooperative breeder” has just been accepted for publication in Proceedings B.

Emma Wood illustrated a beautiful book encouraging children to think about climate change “The elephant and the mountain”. Check it out here

Emma Wood presents new data showing that “Oxidative damage predicts
telomere loss in a wild cooperative breeder” in Cambridge and Newcastle.

Lindsay Walker explains to the public “Why contribute to cooperative activities” at Soapbox Science 2015.




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