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Fly and bracken unfurled

Fly and bracken unfurled

A tiny dipteran stretching amid bracken and foxgloves near Ponsanooth in Cornwall, England. While drifting along a sunny hedgerow marvelling at the bright curls of fresh bracken, I found this tiny fly basking in the warmth. As I adjusted the composition to offset the greens of the bracken against the rich pink of the foxgloves behind, he stretched a leg under his wing to mark the moment. I used flash to even the lighting and highlight the metallic abdomen, while keeping the depth of field narrow to blow the bracken out into diffuse curls and lose all structure from the foxglove pink.

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Dwarf mongoose in shelter

Dwarf mongoose in shelter

A dwarf mongoose (Helogale parvula) resting in dappled shade, on the edge of Kruger National Park, South Africa. Ever exposed to risk from both the ground and air, these diminuitive social mongooses rarely settle. Seeking an intimate portrait framed in their context, I followed this pack on foot. This inquisitive character settled in a protected spot while the light was still warm, and stared out through the scrub to get the measure of me. A single exposure in natural light.